Hi there – it’s been a while since I’ve had time to update this thing, so before I post anything remotely useful, it might be a good idea to explain myself!

I’m reaching the end of my course at Wiltshire College studying the BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners (Software Development).

As this involves a substantial individual project most of my time is taken up with writing up how the project is going (but spending very little time doing the project itself). This has led to compromises.

Initially I was looking at doing a sci-fi style RPG using XNA and C# (but keeping to the PC-bindings as I don’t have an XNA Creator Club account). I would then port this after the project to Mono and OpenGL for use on GNU/Linux. Catch? I have very little experience of C# and no experience of using XNA or DirectX. Therefore, when I was told I was only going to be spending 3-4 weeks on a fairly ambitious project (it involves bases which ‘move’ around a level as they’re destroyed and re-established while keeping a traditional RPG-character training, etc.) had to ditch C# for VB.NET (a language which sucks to the core – the college network doesn’t seem to like C++ for some reason…) and forget about XNA and DirectX. This means my project will be crappy but I’ll have some great distinction-grade paperwork to go with it! Oh well, if it gets me into university… lol :D

In other news I’ve spent a 2 week work experience writing for "Linux Format" - I have 3 pieces in LXF 118 (May 2009). This was following off the back of being part of the LXF Reader Roundtable in LXF 113 (Christmas 2008).

I’m currently filling out some paperwork and with any luck I should be spending 3 months this summer full-time working at LXF towers before I disappear off to my Computer Science degree at the University of Plymouth. In short, I’m fulfilling one of my life ambitions of being a freelance technology journalist (as I enjoy journalistic writing and technology, but not the kind of journalism you sometimes get in tabloid and local journalism. It’s like a very nice marriage of the two!).

Anyways, that’s my latest update! For those of you at college who read eAnswers and are accessing this site, the absence is due to a) a complete lack of time to write them and b) the lack of consistency when HAMMERED (the college magazine) is released! I hit one deadline only for it to be moved (by which time the information on the page was out of date, mis-edited (i.e the green intel logo on the previous article being changed back to blue) and then published with my name on it!!!).

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