Hello everyone! This is just a quick note that the podcast is now on a break. But it will return in September with Season 2.

Related notes:

  • When season 2 launches you'll need to resubscribe to the podcast if you have already (I'll be using a better RSS feed for it but annoyingly feedburner doesn't redirect to non-feedburner sites properly)
  • There will be a bigger focus on news items & cool projects I'm doing
  • The "main topic" and "shout outs" sections will be dropped
  • The "preview" & "final thought" sections will continue

Future seasons will run September to May and episodes will continue to be once every two months.

The summer is normally when I book leave from work to schedule trips away and do home DIY projects, so it makes sense to schedule a "summer break". The two month schedule also neatly avoids Christmas, which is always good!

What about Season 1 Episode 4?

I know I promised this would arrive in July, but there are a few reasons why this unfortunately wasn't possible...

It's been an unusually warm summer

As those of you around the world might be aware Western Europe has been experiencing an extended heatwave. This has badly affected my productivity.

Scheduling conflicts

As I mentioned towards the start of this blog post this is the time of year when I take trips away, do DIY and catch up with friends and family. Each podcast episode normally needs me to set aside an entire weekend to research, script, record, edit and publish it.

I wasn't able to schedule the time for this in July, and my schedule looks quite full in August too!

I've been working on other cool projects

The JavaScript-free "static" version of Bob's Tech Site has taken a lot longer to produce than I expected, but I'm really enjoying the process and have expanded the scope so it'll eventually replace my Ghost blog.

There are other projects coming down the line, but I'm saving those for future blog posts/podcast episodes. As a preview though:

Backlog of blog posts

I still need to do a write-up of the cool retrogaming rig I built earlier on this year. The hold up at this point is having to take the box apart again so I can take photos of all the components I installed.

I also want to do a blog post on my experiments with Apple Mac OS9 on a G3 iMac and a clamshell iBook G3 at the start of this year.

What would've been in Season 1 Episode 4?

Despite not being able to release it as a full podcast episode, some of the research work for it has been done. So, to avoid that effort going to waste it's only fair to share what I would have covered!


Personal projects

  • I now host my code on a self-hosted SVN server instead of Github
  • I lasted only a couple of weeks using Chrome before I switched back to Firefox!
  • I now use Fedora 28 as my primary OS because switching "brain modes" between Oracle Linux & Debian every day was getting annoying. I also gave Gnome Shell a chance and was surprised to discover I like it
  • My gaming rig has finally been upgraded to Windows 10 because I found out you can still do free upgrades
  • My last magazine writing work (for now) is a LibreOffice BASIC tutorial in Linux Format issue 239


Final thought

Can the free software we're producing be used for evil? Should we be thinking about this earlier in the development cycle?

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