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July 20, 2017 in #laptop #windows #ubuntu #linux #Dell #AMD #Intel #trisquel #freenas

In the interests of transparency and allowing people to assess my own bias in these blog posts I've listed here the boxes I use at home.

You can also read about my previous machines here.

Last updated: November 2017

DescriptionTypeOriginal Operating SystemOperating System(s) natively installedHardware SpecsWhat I use it forAcquiredLast upgraded
HP Spectre 13 Laptop Windows 10 Home Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 2.4GHz quad core Intel Core i5-6200U, 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD General use November 2016 N/A
New-build PC Desktop None SteamOS 4GHz eight core AMD FX8350, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, 3TB SSHD storage, AMD RX 480 graphics Gaming Rig March 2016 April 2017
Dell Optiplex 945 Desktop Windows XP Professional Trisquel GNU/Linux 7.0 2.13GHz dual core Intel Core 2 Duo E6400, 8GB RAM, 160GB HDD, DVD-RW drive, 3.5" floppy drive Professional writing work, Software Development June 2017 December 2017

For most of the time I've owned the HP Spectre 13 it's bounced between Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I recently spent 4 weeks running FSF-approved GNU/Linux distro Trisquel on it. Unfortunately something's up with the USB-C ports on my laptop and (even on other live Linux distros) it no longer connects to external peripherals reliably. I've had to switch back to Ubuntu so I could use the internal WiFi card again, but when this laptop finally dies (it's coming like a freight train!) I'll be buying a more "FOSS-friendly" replacement that can run it.

My "new-build PC" was the first proper gaming rig I've built with new components for myself. Originally it started out with an MSI-branded AMD R9 380 graphics card, but I chose to future-proof for 4K gaming & VR with a Sapphire-branded AMD RX 480. Unfortunately I chipset I picked is incompatible with the new AMD Ryzen range of processors, but what I've picked seems suitable for my needs. I initially dual-booted with Ubuntu and Windows 10, but I've now opted to have it underneath my living room TV.

Finally the Dell Optiplex was originally bought from a recycler and came with 4GB RAM and 160GB HDD. While I originally bought it for retro gaming, after a little research I came to the conclusion that upgrading the hardware and installing GNU/Linux on it would rekindle the box as a solid work horse. For a time it ran Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but since the RAM upgrade I now run the FSF-approved Trisquel GNU/Linux.

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