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July 20, 2017 in #laptop #windows #ubuntu #linux #Dell #AMD #Intel #trisquel #freenas

In the interests of transparency and allowing people to assess my own bias in these blog posts I've listed here the boxes I use at home.

You can also read about my previous machines here.

An honourable mention also goes out to my Palm Z22. Even today it's a great personal organiser and the device still syncs data on GNU/Linux systems thanks to jpilot.

Last updated: June 2018

Description Type Operating System(s) Hardware Specs What I use it for Acquired Last upgraded
HP Spectre 13 Laptop Debian 9.4 2.4GHz quad core Intel Core i5-6200U, 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD General use while traveling November 2016 N/A
Self-built gaming rig Desktop Windows 8.1 Pro 4GHz eight core AMD FX8350, 16GB RAM, 3TB SSHD storage, MSI-branded AMD R9 380 graphics PC gaming rig & General use March 2016 April 2017
The HP Spectre 13 arrived with Windows 10 preinstalled, but for most of the time I've had it the machine has run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It now runs Debian 9.4 because I dislike Gnome Shell and really like MATE. (I also briefly experiented with Trisquel, which is a fully-free variant of Ubuntu)

My self-built Steam machine is the first proper PC gaming rig I've built for myself. Unfortunately the chipset I picked is incompatible with the new AMD Ryzen range of processors, but it still seems more than adequate. I use it for writing, software development and gaming. Currently it solo-boots Windows, but I may install a "gaming friendly" distro on one of the hard drives in the near future.

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