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November 28, 2017 in #Dell #asus #netbooks #laptop #mac #apple #powerpc #windows #xp #osx #debian

(Under construction - pictures to follow!)

This page is an insight into the ye olde machines I'm tinkering with at the moment.

Last Update: November 2017

Research machines

These aren't PCs I use for day-to-day tasks. Often they're for specialised purposes like retro gaming, networking or specific tasks. (I have a number of old Raspberry Pis, but I've omitted them from this list)

DescriptionTypeOriginal Operating SystemOperating System(s) natively installedHardware SpecsAcquired
Dell Latitude X200 Laptop Windows 2000 Professional Windows XP Professional 800MHz Intel Pentium III, 640MB RAM, 120GB HDD April 2017*
Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook Windows XP Home Edition Debian 6 "Squeeze" 900MHz Intel Celeron M 353, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD August 2016

*This started out with a 40GB PATA HDD and just 128MB of in-built RAM. When I figure out how to do it safely I'll also replace the dead CMOS battery. You can read this blog post to find out more about my initial tinkering with this machine.

I'm looking forward to working on the blog content these will generate in coming months.

PowerPC Mac collection

Coming soon!

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