BTS Podcast Season 1 Episode 2

March 12, 2018 in #podcast #ubuntu #linux #raspberry pi #windows 8 #software development #python #mastodon #gaming

"Moving swiftly on..."

After a successful pilot the BTS Podcast returns with an all-new soundtrack, better voice recording equipment and a bimonthly schedule I'm determined to stick to.

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In this episode...


Main topic: Frequently-asked tech questions

  • Isn't GNU/Linux just a command line operating system that hard-core nerds use?
  • I'm new to GNU/Linux, which distribution would you recommend?
  • Should I try fully-free distributions like Trisquel GNU/Linux?
  • What advice would you give to a trainee software developer?
  • Which programming language(s) would you recommend learning?
  • How can I contribute to open source and free software projects?
  • How much traffic does Bob's Tech Site get?
    • 6166 unique visitors generating 49634 requests in the last 30 days (at time of recording)
    • Normally averages around 4000 unique visitors a month when I periodically check the Cloudflare dashboard

Personal projects

Bimonthly shout-outs

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"Light Sting" by Kevin MacLeod, "Boardroom Theme" and "English Country Garden" are all available to download under license from the YouTube Creator Studio audio library.

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