BTS Podcast Season 1 Episode 3

May 27, 2018 in #podcast #linux #ubuntu #security #browsers #gaming #mastodon #trisquel #email

"Free Software is Awesome"

The podcast returns for a third episode. There's new sections and an in-depth discussion about free software and why it's useful and important.

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In this episode...


Main topic: Free Software is awesome

Personal projects

Bimonthly shout-outs

  • The Linux Gamer for his awesome YouTube videos on Linux gaming & open source news
  • Jonathan Turner for having a cool discussion about Rust language
  • Julia Evans for her doodles that demystify bash commands and common Linux shell tools
  • Matt Hartley from FreedomPenguin for doing cool videos like "5 things to understand before switching to Linux" and taming Bryan Lunduke
  • Chris Sansone and Frostotron for making good suggestions about my static website effort


Final Thought

Is Mozilla's shrinking market share leading to a homogenised web? They're now at 11.2% (revised down from 11.8% figure I used in the recording).

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