Here's a preview of side projects I have on the go that will hopefully come to fruition in the next six months. This is subject to change, as work/life/training tends to come first!

I'm bouncing around a few other ideas for cool projects, but you'll hear more about those as they develop and if I find time for them.

Linux Format contributions


My first tutorial submission in over five years will be appearing in LXF228 - "October 2017" issue (due to the strange time-warped world of publishing it'll probably appear in stores some time in the middle of September).

For a little background I was an intern there for a week in March 2009, subsequently invited back to work full time that same summer and then wrote on a freelance basis for the better part of 2 years while I was studying at university.

The reason I originally gave up this side-gig was so I could focus on other commitments like a foreign work placement, my final year at university and a graduate scheme with BT. But I think now is the right time to pick this back up again.

I suspect my contributions will be a lot more sporadic than in the past, but I'm hopeful that this renewed effort will lead to further contributions to both Linux Format and other technology magazines/blogs in coming years.



In a bid to teach myself Kotlin (a cool new JVM-based language made by JetBrains, the company behind IntelliJ) and fix a problem that annoys me daily, I'm working on a new GNU GPLv3-licensed Mastodon client.

So far all I've published on Github is a README explaining what the project intends to do. Sometime in the next few weeks when I have a "minimum deliverable product" I'll publish the initial base code and will build things up from there.

I'll provide more details (such as a roadmap, the builds I'll be publishing and where) in future posts as I learn more about what's required to make this project as reality.

Ye olde restoration projects


As those of you following me on Twitter will have noticed I recently picked up a Dell Latitude X200 laptop and a Dell Optiplex 745 desktop, both of which now run Windows XP.

You'll be glad to hear I haven't abandoned GNU/Linux as my primary operating system. I've rescued these old clunkers on their way to the scrap heap and brought them back to life so I can explore old software I used in the middle of the last decade, and also so I can see & build the code I wrote while I was still learning to program. (The nostalgia value of playing PC games I enjoyed growing up may have also been a factor!)

I'm expecting this stuff to create some fantastic blog material over the next year or so, so keep your eye out for it in coming months!

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