Yes, as the title suggests, the very latest Gnome Do (Version 0.8) is a complete pain in the neck to set up.

Fedora 10 is a great distro and is a real competitor to Ubuntu, but this week it has shown just how far from cutting-edge the Fedora team really is.

In attempting to install gnome-do 0.8 from source, I was introduced to dependency hell! Initially it just required gtk-sharp2.0, gnome-sharp2.0 and gnome-desktop-sharp2.0, but once I started compiling these sources they then started demanding additional dependencies i.e. mono_devel, etc. By the time I got to gnome-desktop-sharp2.0, it then refused to install, claiming it was missing a GLib namespace and pointed to a Cairo file. I then spent several hours installing various versions of glib and cairo to no avail. In the end I had to admit defeat.

The great stumbling block with Linux is installing the latest software. With Windows and Mac it's a double-click affair. I am forever bugged with questions about installing software such as Avant Window Navigator, Compiz and Wine (and solving the issues when they inevitably go wrong). This is one of the major problems with Linux, and could just be what's keeping it from going mainstream. CNR tried to improve the situation, but it was complex and messy to use. I hope others have more luck.

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