#LGBTwork Tweetchat

March 03, 2017 in #career #capgemini #lgbt #twitter

Link: https://www.uk.capgemini.com/blog/capgemini-student-blog/2017/02/lgbtwork-tweetchat-what-you-missed

Capgemini (my employer) held a great Twitter chat about being openly LGBT at work in partnership with Debut. Here's the summary article, and some of my contributions were highlighted!

I'll probably write a proper blog post on this subject (and debunk a lot of common misconceptions) from my own perspective here later on this year. It'll likely coincide with Bi Visibility Day, as this seems appropriate.

For more information on OUTfront at Capgemini: https://www.uk.capgemini.com/outfront-our-capgemini-uk-lgbt-employee-network

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