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November 20, 2016 in #career #journalism #podcasts

Current Writing Work

Keep an eye out for issues of Linux Format and Linux User & Developer magazine for printed tutorials.

As of June 2018 I also joined Oracle as a Senior Technical Writer, so in coming years I will be contributing to the online documentation for their enterprise Linux, cloud and virtualization products.

Capgemini Engineering Blog

I joined Capgemini UK's JVM team as a Senior Software Engineer in October 2016, and made my first contribution to the community blog in early 2017.

The Best of Capgemini Engineering Blog 2016

Published in February 2017, this is a roundup of the most popular articles on the site from the previous year. It involved a lot of reading, number-crunching and hours to get this right, but it's a helpful signpost for newcomers to the site.


I wrote quite a number of articles for Linux Format magazine between March 2009-November 2011 - you can see a full list here. Some of these were later added to accompanying TuxRadar website, making them free for everyone to read.

You can also hear me being a slightly rubbish teenage host in the first season (episode 13) of the tuxradar podcast in June 2009.

Build your own Linux distribution the easy way

Originally sold as an 8-page title feature named ‘Remix Linux’ back in LXF125 (December 2009 issue), this is a cut-down web-friendly version. It covers distro-respinning from the basics with Ubuntu Customization Kit all the way through to "Linux From Scratch". Also covered in-depth is Suse Studio and Arch GNU/Linux, with references to Gentoo and Revisor.

How to install software in Ubuntu

A web-optimized version of a 4-page feature article explaining how to install Ubuntu PPAs, third-party repositories and dpkg. Originally published in LXF124 (November 2009 issue).

Make Linux faster and lighter

The article is filled with tips to optimise components of your GNU/Linux systems for speed, providing increased boot-times and boosting overall responsiveness. Originally an 8-page cover feature named ‘Power Up Linux’ in LXF124 (November 2009 issue). This received some critical comments as a new round of GNU/Linux distros had arrived between print and web publishing dates.

Reviewed: Scribus 1.3.5

A review of the latest version of Scribus and its readiness for professional use. Originally published in LXF124 (November 2009 issue).


One of my old school friends (a.k.a. Garvaos) runs an excellent gaming blog called PlusXP. You can find my contributions at


This is a technology column I wrote for a college magazine (while studying at Wiltshire College).

eAnswers 1

Opinion piece on DRM then a brief workshop & tooltip section. More of a kind of ‘pilot’ article. Published in October 2007. (This snippet was also published to promote a network gaming club)

eAnswers 2

Opinion piece on Christmas gadgetry and feature answering Office 2007 FAQs. Published in December 2007.

eAnswers 5

First double-spread, the left page is packed with news while the right-hand side answered plenty of Office 2007 FAQs I’d received from people by email. Published in October 2008. I also contributed other smaller pieces.
This was the 3rd article published, but after 2 issues of HAMMERED didn't happen at all this is the last one I bothered with. You can see the articles I wrote for the issues that didn't happen here and here (the latter also includes a spread I did on a charity event I took part in).

Shout Out

I wound up spending most of my five years at Malmesbury School working on this student-led newspaper. I edited it for three of those (2003-2006), and this played no small part in earning me the Diana Memorial Award for my volunteer efforts. I also got invited on a free trip to Highgrove.

If you're interested in checking out my first major writing project I recently discovered a couple of hard copies while clearing things out for a house-move (we were only allocated 20MB of userspace so the old electronic copies have long since been deleted!). I've scanned those issues to immortalise them in electronic form - links are below:

July 2006: This was my last edition as editor of the paper after deciding to step down (but stayed on as a contributor). This was partly to focus more on GCSEs, but mostly because after three years I wanted my lunch hours back!

September 2006: This issue was a 'special edition' that got sent over to another school we were twinned with at the time in South Africa. The new editor also put his stamp on it with the help of Microsoft Publisher (which had just been made available on the school network over the summer).

December 2006: This is the last copy of the publication I have ...and the only one in colour. This was the first time the paper was going online and I was tasked with converting a PUB file to a PDF to help make this happen. This was no easy task at the time, but eventually I used a PDF printer on my home PC to make it happen. This is the end result!

My understanding is that after I left for college in summer 2007 issues were being published for a year or two as an 'online-only' version, but it eventually got cancelled. Such is life!

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