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November 20, 2016 in #site announcements

Like most websites, this blog aggregates anonymous tracking data from visitors to improve content quality. This information is never passed on to third party companies or used for marketing purposes.

Bobby Moss (this site's owner, admin & operator) uses the Cloudflare dashboard to get a rough estimate of traffic numbers and occasionally checks Feedburner stats to determine how many people have subscribed to the podcast. Please click the provided links to see more information on how these companies use the data they collect from you and how to opt-out.

Also note that AWS Cloudfront aggregates anonymous data on image and file downloads served from the Amazon S3 buckets we use on this site. If you wish to opt out of this tracking you should block the * domain in your ad-blocker of choice, but please be aware that this might mean some parts of the site stop working properly.

This website does not use additional tracking code or pixels, monetise content through web advertising networks or use third party cookies. All links and images are served over HTTPS wherever possible to preserve your privacy, but it's strongly recommended that you install an ad-blocker for your own protection and peace of mind. You may also wish to consider using GNU Icecat or the Tor browser.

Bobby Moss is not responsible for the republishing or hotlinking of the content found on this blog on other websites or media without his permission.

This privacy policy may change at any time and without notice.

Last Updated: 20th January 2018

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