The Latest Setup

March 15, 2009 in #blog #teen rants #linux #career #ubuntu #windows #vista #laptop #netbooks

I’ve finally found a Linux setup I’m wholly happy with (or at least mostly…)

On my Sony VAIO it now dual-boots Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid” and Windows Vista SP1. Though using Vista is not particularly ideal, it does run all the latest and greatest apps which most of the world want me to run.

On Ubuntu Intrepid I now have 2 saved sessions. KDE for fun/ScorchOS development and Gnome for productivity/any College work which doesn’t require Visual Studio or a miriad of Adobe-based design packages. The whole thing is working out quite well (I’m glad KDE is finally getting stable enough for day-to-day use).

Favourite ScorchOS development tools? gedit (with additional plugins) and RapidSVN (with a terminal window open, naturally). So, my productivity machine is sorted. Now for the Asus Eee PC...


Since my last update I have accepted a place at the University of Plymouth. I’ll be checking it out properly in May 2009, but if all goes well I’ll finally know what I’m doing in September!

Also, I spent a week at Future Publishing for Work Experience. Look out for Linux Format 118, on sale 4th April in the UK!

My apologies if this blog post seems to be a little uninspired and wooden compared to what you can see from the old archive stuff, but it’s been a while. I won’t leave it so long next time. ;)

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